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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

200MPH - The New Standard?

The full gallery of photos from this event can be located by clicking the link provided below:

Runway Meet 2009: Dade-Collier Airstrip

Location: Ochopee, Florida – at a rented 2 mile long aviation runway

Date: 2/23/2009

Time: 7am-7pm

Goal: Super car top speed runs in a controlled environment

The sounds of cars flying by like rocket jets in excess of 200 miles per hour was nothing short of astonishing at yesterday's 2 miles long open runway event located at Ochopee, Florida.

The super car lineup consisted of automobiles that most people, like myself, can only dream of owning. Twin turbo 1000+ horsepower Lamborghini Murcielagos and Gallardos filled the arena early in the morning while being unloaded from trailers at the venue.

A Saleen S7 brought massive amounts of attention from the fans. It's not an everyday occurrence to view such cars in the wild, much less out on an endlessly long runway being pushed to their limits. It's a thing of sheer beauty to view a car like the S7 being run to its full potential and not just sitting near a glass showcase or behind velvet ropes like a coveted piece of art.

Two Robinson R44 helicopters even made brief appearances. Other visits from curious planes in the area made flybys to view the tens of millions of dollars in super cars from around the country.

Having been fortunate enough to take a quick ride in my good friend's Bentley Continental GT and quickly surpassing the 175mph mark - the 200mph barrier in cars such as the Saleen S7, Twin turbo Murcielago, Lamborghini LP640, Ford GT, or Twin Turbo "Underground Racing" 1300 horsepower Gallardo seems shockingly feasible.

Feasible is merely an understatement as new speed records were approached and surpassed throughout the day. Two hundred miles per hour quickly became the new "standard" for the super cars to strive for and many did just that.